Andharu Bagundali Andhulo Nenundali

The film is ready to hit the theatres in the fall of 2021.

Director: Kiran Sripuram
Producers: Ali Baba, Konathala Mohan, Sri Charan R
Star Cast: Ali, Naresh Vijaya krishna, Pavithra Lokesh, Mouryani & Others
Youtube: Andharu Bagundali Andhulo Nenundali


Akash is an internationally acclaimed film based on the life story of Clean Slate's first child, Ananthi.

Director: Sri Charan
Producers: Sri Charan
Run Time: 17:24
Vimeo: Akash

Half and half

Half & Half is a story that brings forth a unique journey of a homeless person in search of religion, equality, cultures and everything in between. This movie is a perfect example of seamless collaboration between different cultures and countries. The entire production team is from Dallas, TX, while the post production team is from India.

Half & Half is currently in the international film festival circuit, with 17 awards already to its credit - best film, best actor, cinematography, music and direction. It also premiered at California’s Big Bear Festival Summit and won the Audience Choice Award for the “Best Feature” category

Director: Sri Charan
Producers: Sri Charan
cast: Johnny Jordan, Tamara Albishah, Arrash Pirasteh, Corrance Davis, Ernie Gonzalez
Vimeo: Half and half

The Clean Slate Project

Clean Slate Project is a script-to-screen program that aims at promoting education amongst underprivileged children by making films based on their life stories. This project won a grant from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Founder: Sri Charan
Fund-raising video: The Clean Slate Project

Hygieia Retreat

A commercial written, directed, produced and made from scratch at Aadhya Arts, making sure it aligns with the client’s vision for their company at every step of the production.

Director: Sri Charan
Run Time: 01:41
type: Commercial
Vimeo: Hygieia Retreat

Arrash Pirasteh

A real estate commercial that captures the spirit of the realtor.

Director: Sri Charan
Run Time: 01:00
type: Commercial
Vimeo: Arrash Pirasteh